8. Dive deeper into storytelling as a tool for healing

  1. Watch the #MentalHealthMonday replay of ‘The Healing Power of Storytelling in Community’ With Meghann Perry & Mary Strong. Explore the use of storytelling in both the personal and community-wide healing process and examine how that process works within the context of Recovery Storytelling, which utilizes the art form of live, personal narrative storytelling to unlock us from our single, self-limiting “Recovery Story.”

  2. Enrol in the on-demand workshop Introduction to Recovery Storytelling
    A SHE RECOVERS® Through Self-Expression Online Workshop now >


Transform your pain and passion into purpose through the art of storytelling in recovery.

In this two hour introductory workshop, award-winning Storyteller and and nationally-known Recovery Educator, Meghan Perry of Revolution Recovery will guide you to:

  • Identify what recovering out loud means to you
  • Craft new ways to look at the stories you tell yourself and others about your struggles and triumphs
  • Recognize personal narratives that may serve as gateways to individual and collective healing
  • Utilize the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles as a roadmap for sharing your story
  • Spark conversations that can inspire communities to change the narrative of what it means to be in recovery
  • Examine your story as a strategy to shift the culture of recovery so that other women can find hope and healing 
  • Infuse the SHE RECOVERS inclusive recovery community ethos into your messaging and your life

Register and access this on-demand, self-directed workshop now @ https://sherecovers.org/recovery-storytelling-workshop/

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